January 10, 2002 


The purpose of this study guide is to emphasize the importance of mortification, penance and the sacrament of reconciliation. An examination of conscience is furnished you in order to facilitate the “spiritual look” of your soul. The prayers and litany of reparation can be used to pray reparation and atonement for the world.  When we unite our sufferings to Jesus, God the Father allows graces to flow to souls.  

Vol. 13, Book of Heaven. “Who is it that shakes these fonts so as to make them rise up and overflow, and thereby flood the entire earth? It is the soul that enters into my Divine Will. As it enters within, if it wants to love, it draws near the font of love; by loving or by having the intention to love, it shakes the font. The waters, by being shaken, grow, overflow, and spread out through all the earth; at times, the shaking is so strong that the waves rise up so high as to touch Heaven and to spread out through the Heavenly Fatherland. If this soul wants to pray, to make reparation, to beseech forgiveness for sinners, or to give Me glory, it shakes the font of prayer, of reparation of forgiveness and these fonts rise up, overflow, and spread out among everyone. For how many gifts has my Humanity implored on behalf of man? I left the doors open, so that they could enter at their ease, but how few there are that enter.” 

We must practice what we preach and teach. True love requires sacrifice. Sacrifice is the pulse of love and love the pulse of sacrifice.

The Scripture states we should count it all joy when we are permitted to suffer. Our suffering and prayers win souls! This is the motto of the Order. “TO SAVE THOSE SOULS THAT CAN STILL BE SAVED”.

If we want to be transformed into Jesus and live and reign in the Divine Will, we must allow the Holy Spirit to teach us the love of the Cross. DO NOT FEAR THE CROSS! It is the cross that expands our boundaries in the Kingdom of Heaven and allows us to reach the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Each cross has a mission in our soul and comes to us through the hands of a loving Father. Accept and rejoice! 

How can God who is love give sorrow? 

Sorrow is love! The Holy Spirit knows the eternal fruit that is generated in the Divine Will to all creatures, past, present and future. God looks not so much at the act, but the fruit of holiness. Jesus was the man of sorrows. Our Lady is known throughout history of the Church as Our Lady of Sorrows. Sorrow allows us to penetrate into the very passion of Jesus and shake the heavenly fonts for mercy. 

The Father in Heaven allowed the crucifixion of Jesus and the mystical crucifixion of those truly in union with Jesus. We can learn to allow the sorrows of God to create exquisite boundaries when we are on the reverse side of the cross of Jesus with Mary. The acts in the cross by us, satisfy, expiate and merit. All glory be to the Father. 

It is important for all of us to realize that we are to live in the Present Moment of grace. God will allow us in the rounds of the Divine Will to give Him glory and reparation for all creatures. We have a tendency to lose much time in our spiritual life by thinking about the past. Jesus spoke to Luisa about this tendency. 

Vol. 1, Book of Heaven. “”The light of very extraordinary grace, often given to me by Jesus, left me in deep sadness about the past and a lively fear regarding the future. Not knowing what to do to amend the damage of the past, I tried mortifications chosen by my own will. I would also ask for mortifications from my confessor, but they were not always granted to me. Everything I did seemed like a shadow of penance. Since I was not able to amend the past and did not know what else to do, I would break into tears at the thought of my past sins. I would then try every means to return to my always-loveable Jesus. The fear of being away from Him possessed me, and the fear that I would then fare worse left me know knowing what was happening to me. Who can say how often I ran to Jesus within my heart to ask Him for a thousand pardons. To thank Him for the many graces He bestowed on me and to ask Him to be always closer to me. 

I said to him time and time again, “Oh Jesus, see how much time I have lost and how grace I have wasted, when I could have stored up treasures in both, and increased my love for you—my greatest and good and my all?” 

Jesus scolded me harshly, saying, “I do not want you to think about the past anymore. Know that when a soul has humbled itself, convinced that it has done wrong, when humble and contrite, it has been washed in my sacrament of penance, and is ready to die before offending me again; that it is an affront to my mercy for the soul to continue thinking about what it did. What’s more, my love is held back as long as its mind keeps wallowing in the mud of the past. So, as long as the soul wants to remain engulfed in the filthy ideas of its past, I cannot make it take flight in my love toward heaven. Don’t you see that I do not remember what you did wrong anymore, now that I have completely forgotten about it? Do you see in me any resentment or anger toward you?….Well then, my daughter, why do you still want to go back to the past? How much better it would be if we just thought about loving each other! So, from now on, try to make me happy, and you will always be at peace.” 

We are called to accept mortification and penance. Vol. 5 Book of Heaven. “My daughter, it is praiseworthy and good to accept mortification and suffering as penance and as a punishment, but it has no connection with the divine way of acting. I did much and suffered much, but my sole purpose in all of that was love of my Father and of men. So, it’s immediately apparent whether the creature is acting and suffering in the divine way: whether love alone is behind its actions and sufferings. If it has other ends, even if they are good ones, then it is acting only on the level of a creature. The merit that he receives then, will be only what a creature can acquire, not the merit that is divine… 

We need to examine this” human ends” thought more in Vol. 10, Book of Heaven. ..This is how the children of my church have reduced themselves to such a state, because their acts are all done with human ends, whereby in needs, in dangers, in affronts, they are found empty of grace; thereby weakened, unnerved and almost blinded by human tendency, they give themselves up to excesses. Oh how vigilant the heads of the Church should have been to keep Me from being the laughingstock and almost the cover of their abominable actions. It is true that there would be great scandal if they would do penance, but it would be a lesser offense to Me in view of the many sacrileges they commit.  

We need to pray, pray, pray like our Lady has also asked for the Church and for peace. If you have been invited to the knowledge of the Divine Will, you have also been invited to die to self and live a life of reparation and atonement for the world. 

The International Library has excellent tools prepared by the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta for prayers of reparation and atonement. You are invited to pray the Order Prayer Book, The hours of the Passion of Jesus Christ and pray the rounds with the Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. In addition you will find excellent audio tapes on how to live in the new and divine holiness that so many of the 20th Century Saints lived and spoke about. It is our turn now to live it. 

You may also use the Prayer and Litany of Reparation contained herein: 


Jesus, I place at your feet the adoration and recognition of the entire human family. I place in your heart a kiss from all. On your lips I place my kiss, and with this kiss I consummate the kiss of all generations. With my arms I embrace you, so as to embrace you with the arms of all creatures, to offer and give You the glory of all creatures and of all their acts and works. 

Eternal Father, we give you at this moment in time, all honor, power, glory, praise, thanksgiving, wisdom and strength for all creatures past present and future. We place our FIAT MIHI in the Fiat of Jesus and Mary, united with Luisa, Herald of the Divine Will, and all who now reign in the Divine Will. 

We thank you for creation and redemption and the coming Era of Sanctification on earth as it is in heaven.
We thank you for the gift of salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
We thank you for the Most Holy Spirit, our Love and Sanctification. 
We thank you for Mary, Most Holy, Mother of Sorrows and Queen of the Divine will. Dress us in the white garment of grace of your innocence so we may be a delight to the Most Holy Trinity. 
We thank you for the gift of your life, the Divine Will between the Most Holy Trinity.
We thank you for the teachings of the Book of Heaven given to us by your Loved One, Luisa Piccarreta, Herald of the Divine Will. 
We thank you for the Third Fiat of your Most Holy Trinity soon to be immersed into the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. 

We now offer you our prayers of reparation and the atonement of Jesus Christ to you, Father God, for all creatures, past, present and future who: 

For the many sins of neglect RESPONSE FOR ALL: We offer you our love, adoration and reparation.

For neglecting your gifts, graces and promptings.
For not doing your Will and doing our desires and will.
For diminishing the good you did in our will and attitudes.
For all pride, arrogance and rebellion.
For not loving You, in, with and through your Divine Will.
For not totally abandoning and surrendering to You in our will, memory and intellect.
For rejecting your perfect union, harmony, order and peace.
For not living in the Present Moment with You.
For not being trusting, obedient and resigned to your hand of grace.
For not accepting from your hands of love the crosses and sufferings of this life for You and others.
For not fulfilling your Law of Love for all creatures and creation.
For not loving your mother and our mother, Mary, Most Holy.
For all our sins against man and your Holy Church.
For the lack of respect for our leaders given to us by You.
For not loving You in the tabernacles of the world.
For our lack of trust expressed in fear, apprehensions and discouragement.
For not entering into your passion and humanity to redo all the acts of creatures. 
For your glory.
For not making the rounds and prayers taught by You and making them our possession.
For our judgments and lack of forgiveness.
For all acts of the creature in defiance of your Love and Will.

Eternal Father, one God, allow us to be the dawn to make the sun of the Eternal Word rise, so your Holy Supreme Will may reign on earth as it does in heaven.

Infuse your Will into all of me. We surrender and abandon everything to you, and give you what is truly ours, our will and nothingness. Please take rest and consolation in our hearts united with yours. We offer you the heart of Jesus and our Lady and the life of all in the Divine Will in sacrifice for your glory and for the conversion of sinners and for all victim souls on earth. 

We want to make reparations to you for all, respond to you for all and impenetrate good for all.

Here we are, Most Holy Trinity, we cry out our love, adoration, praise and thanksgiving to you. We receive in faith, hope and love your precious gift of the Holy Divine Will to live and reign in and through us. 

Jesus, be our shield and for all of the crusaders of suffering and the tribulated on earth. 

My sweet Jesus, I enter into your Will and prostrate myself at the feet of the Supreme Majesty, and in the name of the whole human family, past, present and future; I come in the immensity of the Divine Will in which all generations are in act as if they were a single point, and I come in the name of all to adore You and to render You all the homage which we all owe to our Creator. I come in the name of all to recognize You, Creator of all things, and for all and for each created thing. I come to love You, to praise You, to bless You and to thank You. In the sanctity of your Will, I come to substitute for all and for each creature and even for the lost souls themselves. I want to make reparation to You for everyone and for each offense. I want to make good for all and love you for all.

Please take my little I love you and magnify it to be a great sun to bless all in the Holy Kingdom. Multiply it for all time and eternity so all will bless your Holy Name.

Jesus, seal my reparation with your blessing and grant that, in every act that I do, it be repeated, multiplied and be in the continual act of flying from the earth to Heaven to bring to your Throne, in the name of all, Divine Love, Glory and Atonement.

Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth. Come Holy Sanctifier and purify the earth with your fire of love. Come Holy Spirit and allow me to enter into the sanctification of your Holy Will.