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Have you ever wondered about a vocation to a Secular Religious Life within your vows of MATRIMONY? Are you single, and have a “Calling”, but your Vocation is in the secular world?   Have you ever wondered whether there is more you can do for GOD?

Primary Focus Eucharistic Adoration and reparation.
Prayer “Pray all the time, asking for what you need, praying in the Spirit on every possible occasion.” - Eph 6:18
  • Prayer is an essential duty of the Secular Member.  We desire to live  constantly in God’s presence.
  • Personal, silent, and in common prayer, together with brothers and sisters.
  • God has called us to adore Him perfectly in the Blessed Trinity.  In the Eucharist, the highest expression of prayer and the sacramental sign of the Secular Order of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, make present the Passover of the Lord and establish a bond of love between the Community and all of humanity.
“If I then, the Lord and Master have washed your feet, I have given you an example so that you may copy what I have done to you”

John 13:14-15
Service stemming from a life of prayer, serving according to individual talent, living a truly Christian life, bringing Christ to others and sharing with other brothers and sisters around the world.
  • Members of the Secular Order of Jesus, Mary, & Joseph are committed to evangelization, various pastoral works, and the particular apostolate in which God leads local communities to accomplish; all for the greater glory of  God.
  • God has a plan for you, and service waiting for you to begin.  The Secular Order of  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph is one way to better listen to the Holy Spirit, and one means through which you can accomplish the works of the Father in love.
“As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you: remain in my love.”

John 15:9

  • Our consecration to God as members of the Secular Order of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph is an expression of  love, the love of God.  By our prayer, penance, and service, we give ourselves to God in love
  • Following Mary’s command: “Do whatever He tells you,” we witness by loving, fearless, example, we try to see the poor, the rich, the attractive and the unattractive, as God sees them; with hearts full of compassion and love.
  Love lives and grows; it is the only thing that is not diminished by being given away, but increases.”  St. Augustine

“...To Save Those Souls Who Can Still Be Saved”

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