Rite for Consecration for Vow of Chastity

I, _______, for the greater glory of God and with a firm and free will,
desire to consecrate myself to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit more
intimately, and follow Christ's example more faithfully all the days of
my life. With humility and confidence, I, __________, make the vow of
chastity before my brothers and sisters into your hands, Reverend Father
_________, for one year, according to the Constitutions of the Secular
Order of Jesus, Mary and Joseph; and I entrust myself, with all my heart,
to this family, to live perfect charity, at the service of God and his
Church, with the grace of the Holy Spirit and powerful aid of the Blessed
Virgin Mary.
I promise to live according the Rule and Constitutions of this Order,
silently and actively in my state of life, offering up my "Fiat" in union
with Mary most holy, whom I invoke as patroness and mother of the Divine
Will. Amen.

Nota bene: The professed is then handed the Constitutions and Rule of the
Secular Order, and asked to sign the appropriate documentation to be
placed in the archives.